U9 Team Contact Information

U9 Team Contact Information 2023/24

This information is provided on a voluntary basis from member associations.  NEAHL does not govern U9 games.  Please follow HA sanctioning procedures.

Skill level 1 = strong

Skill level 2 = average

Skill level 3 = developing

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Association Team Contact Phone Email Skill Level Comments
Athabasca Athabasca Hawks U9 Sheena Garton 780-689-1153 sheena.garton@aspenview.org 2 Even split of first and second year players. Roster of 13.
Barrhead U9-1 Janine Morrow 780-206-5195 janine.mike@hotmail.com 1  
Barrhead Barrhead 3 Nancy Mahar 780-674-7305 Nancy.mahar@hotmail.com 3  
Barrhead Barrhead U9-2 Wendy Bazinet 780-298-4832 Wbazinet550@hotmail.ca 2  
Bonnyville U9 - Team 1 Ashley Vasseur 780-815-3771 ashley_demeria@hotmail.com Major  
Bonnyville U9 - Team 2 Kylie Manson 780-812-9107 kyliemanson07@gmail.com Minor  
Bonnyville U9 - Team 3 Stephanie Sloan 780-217-5237 roxygurl_46@hotmail.com Minor  
Bonnyville U9 - Team 4 Rachel Mueller 780-545-8854 rachelaemueller@gmail.com Minor  
Bonnyville U9 - Team 5 Lisa Wojcik 780-207-5647 lisabadry86@hotmail.com Minor  
Boyle  Boyle Blazers U9  Jessica Regner  780-818-2738  jessicaregner12@gmail.com  2  Even split of 1st and 2nd year players. Roster of 12 players. Home ice Saturday and Sunday 10am
Chauvin Chauvin/Edgerton Avalanche (Green & Red) Deanna Volk 780-806-6944 deanna.volk18@gmail.com 2/3 We have 2 teams this year. Both a mix of first and second year kids. Would be about a Tier 3/4 level.
CNN spurs U9-1 Lindsay Connolly 780-281-0557 Lindsayconnolly0626@gmail.com 1/2 Team 1 of our 3 teams. Strong first year and second year kids.
CNN Spurs U9 2B Kailey Myers 780-660-6376 kailey.myers19@gmail.com Tier 2/3 Mix of first and second years. Home ice Saturdays, time is TBD(will update).
CNN Spurs U9 2A Kaylene Gross, Carly Rigler 1-780-668-2840 cnnspursu92a@gmail.com Tier 2/3 Mix of first and second year players, home ice is in Gibbons on Saturdays @ 2:45pm
Cold Lake Team 1 Major Mary Mathies 780-201-8156 marymathies@hotmail.com 1 All second year U9s. Would be interested in booking away games where we can play two games in one day.
Cold Lake U9 Team 2 Gillian Lobe 780-545-4073 glgreene7@hotmail.com 2  
Cold Lake U9 Team 3 Stacey Young 780-573-2142 stacey_kleiss@hotmail.com 2  
Cold Lake U9 - Team 4 Orange Crush Britainee Kellar 780-573-7808 whalen416@hotmail.com 2  
Cold Lake 6 Amanda Hart 780-201-1166 Amandamariep@hotmail.com 2  
CR Knights CR Knights U9-1 Crystal Patrick 780-446-3830 Crystal.D.Edwards@live.ca 2 We are a strong team of first and second years.  This is the higher tiered of our two teams. We can do split ice games with our lower team if you have a split team.
CR Knights U9 -TEAM 2 Janet Belanger 780-995-5413 janetbelanger35@gmail.com 3 All 1st year players on this team.
Drayton Valley Northfork Pirates Sarah Paris 780-898-2246 Pezz_2004@hotmail.com 2 Mostly consisting of 1st year U9 players. Tier 5/6. average Team. Looking for Saturday or Sunday home or away games.
Drayton Valley Keabray Dannielle Dearman 780-514-6657 Dannielledearman@outlook.com 2  
Drayton Valley Markhoe Christina Zorn 780-514-9664 christinamzorn@hotmail.com 3 Tier 5/6 Team
Drayton Valley BobDale Breann Yurchak 780-621-8081 breannyurchak@gmail.com 1- Average Our team is half 1st years and half 2 years. Our league made 2 top teams and 2 bottom teams this year. I'd say we'd be about a Tier 3/4 If there are split squad teams we could be an option for you to play against us and our other top tier
Edgerton/Chauvin Edgerton/Chauvin Avalanche Team Green Sheena Larson 780-842-8813 sheen_bean19@hotmail.com Developing  
Edson Edson Team 1 Tany Vanthuyne 780-712-5676 tvanthuynee@gmail.com 1  
Edson Team 2 Lindsay Fritz 780-712-5970 lindsay@thedieselshop.ca 2  
Edson Team 3A Leah Roy 780-712-1487 leahroy14@outlook.com 3  
Edson Team 3B Jenn Hoogerdijk 780-517-1020 jzkeen321@gmail.com 3  
Elk Island Elk Island Wild-2016- Breanne Martz 780-819-2218 btychkowsky@hotmail.com 2-3 This team is all first year U9 players
 Elk Island  Elk Island Wild-2015-  Tyler Graham  780-691-2981  tgraham85@gmail.com  1-2  This is our stronger team made up of all 2nd year U9 players.
Elk Point  u9 Tracee Moneta 780-227-3795   Average Mostly 1st year u9 players on this team
Frog Lake Frog Lake T-Birds Courtney Stanley-Whitehead 587-577-1378 courttstanley13@gmail.com 3  
Hughenden U9 Boys + 2 Ruby Larson (780) 806-6322 Rubys-salon@hotmail.com 2/3  
Irma U9 Deanne Olsen 780-806-1236 deanneolsen@gmail.com   Mix of 1st and 2nd year players.
Lac La Biche U9-1 Kristine Parrott 780-520-9093 kristineparrott@gmail.com Average Tier 3 mix of 1st and 2nd years
Lac La Biche U9-2 Kodi Bobocel 780-520-0235 kodijeanbobocel@hotmail.com Developing Tier 4-5 Mix of 1st and 2nd years
Lac La Biche U9-Female Kelly Jonhston 780-404-6155 teacherkj12@gmail.com Average/Developing Tier 4-5 All female group mix of skill levels
Lloydminster U9 female blazers team 382 Nicole Smith 780-872-4415 u9hockeyteam382@gmail.com 2  
Lloydminster U9 Blazers 313 Jodi Phipps 780-861-1100 jodilafreniere@hotmail.ca 2  
Lloydminster U9 Team 312 Jazmyn Gartner 306-830-2784 jazmynmarie@outlook.com MAJOR, Tier 2  
Lloydminster 315 Melissa Pedersen 780-870-6042 daykaypedersen@gmail.com 1  
Lloydminster U9 314 Michelle Pashniak 1-306-830-0097 mpashniak@ridgelinecanada.com 2  
Lloydminster U9 316 Tami Kappel 639-536-0432 tamikappel84@gmail.com average: 3 first year, 7 second year We will have exhibition ice (2 for the season) after league starts October 30 week.
Lloydminster U9 Blazers 323 Leah LaRocque 639-536-4177 lalarocque2@outlook.com 5  
Mallaig Mallaig Monarchs Melissa Weinmeier 780-210-0610 Melissa.Breen@hotmail.com 2/3 Large team of 23, would split team for Jamboree style games Home Ice 10:30
Mannville Mannville Hawks Bobbi Bouchier 780-870-5726 bobbisprague22@gmail.com 2  
Mayerthorpe Mayerthorpe Mustangs U9-1 Jaclynn Andriuk 780-953-9966 jaclynnandriuk@gmail.com 3-developing Mayerthorpe has 2 teams of 9 players each that are a mixed skill level of 1st & 2nd year players. Both teams are willing to share ice with bigger teams that can be split. Home ice is on Saturday & Sundays at 10 AM.
Mayerthorpe Mayerthorpe Mustangs U9-2 Lacey Shupac 780-204-1450 laceyshupac@hotmail.com 3-developing Mayerthorpe has 2 teams of 9 players each that are a mixed skill level of 1st & 2nd year players. Both teams willing to share ice with bigger teams that can be split. Home ice Saturday & Sunday's at 10am.
 Onion Lake  Border Chiefs  Trish Carter  306-344-7910  trish.carter@onionlake.ca  3  
Paradise Valley U9 Charity Coles 780-870-7670 c.malka@hotmail.com 2  
Pembina U9 Andrea Haugen 780-515-1057 andreasnow@hotmail.ca Average  
 Plamondon  U7/U9 Plamondon Cougars Raisa Chaschin  780-623-1239 raisa.chaschin@gmail.com  Skill Level 3  We have a combined U7/U9 team this year
Provost Blades (U9 Team White) Shelby 780-753-0989 dancingshelby1991@gmail.com Level 2  
Provost Provost U9 Blue Rochelle Scammell 780-753-8887 U9blue@provostminorhockey.com 2  
Redwater Redwater U9 Dana Desroches 780-686-9767 danadesroches81@gmail.com 3 bigger team (16-17) 5 2nd years, and the remaining are first years. Home ice slot: Saturdays 11:45-12:45
Saddle Lake Saddle Lake Warriors Chennae Lapatak 780-547-6967 chennae.lapatak@gmail.com 3  
Slave Lake U9-1 Kailynn Odegaard/Kelly Rai Tkach 780-849-1222 / 780-805-4318 kodegaard89@gmail.com / kelliraetkach@hotmail.com 2 We are an even split of first and second year players. Roster of 12 players.
Slave Lake U9-2 Kailynn Odegaard/Kelly Rai Tkach 780-849-1222 / 780-805-4318 kodegaard89@gmail.com / kelliraetkach@hotmail.com 2 We are an even split of first and second year players. Roster of 13 players.
Slave Lake U9-3 Kailynn Odegaard/Kelly Rai Tkach 780-849-1222 / 780-805-4318 kodegaard89@gmail.com / kelliraetkach@hotmail.com 2 We are an even split of first and second year players. Roster of 13 players.
Smoky Lake Smoky Lake Stars U9 Marquie Bromley 780-690-2483 marquie.bromley@gmail.com  3  
St. Paul U9-Blue Mallory Cardinal 780-646-2864 malloryshea@hotmail.com    
St. Paul U9-Red Baliey Bodnar 780-646-0523 bails__10@hotmail.com    
St. Paul U9-White Danielle Kabyn 780-614-4255 coconutlime22@gmail.com    
Thorhild Thorhild Titans U9 Kim Regula 780-996-7643 kregula25@hotmail.com 3 We have some second year players, but most are first year.
Tofield Tofield Titans U9-1 Lauren Lungal 780-915-9589 Lschmidt@live.ca 2  We have 5 second years and 8 first years. We are very green Major team.
Tofield Tofield U9-2 Colin Hart 780-246-2618 routefive865@gmail.com 3 All First Years
Vegreville U9 Major - all second years Renee Kassian 780-614-8891 reneekassian@gmail.com 1  
Vegreville Vegreville Wranglers U9 minor Daralyn Lawrence 780-632-1539 Dwiles03@yahoo.ca Minor All First year U9 players
Vermilion U9 Team #2 Mike Schmidt 780-853-0424 schmidt.mikej@gmail.com 2 Mix of first and second year U9. Looking for a few tournaments and home and away series.
Vermilion Vermilion U9 girls Tigers Stephanie Danderfer 780-853-0342 Steph.danderfer@hotmail.com


Vermilion Team 4 Amanda Kotun 780-872-9610 Amkotun@gmail.com


Vermilion Vermilion Team 1 Candace Maughan 780-991-8322 c_ross@live.ca


Viking Viking gaskings u9 Jennifer Page 250-809-2375 Mathmatician15@hotmail.com 2  
Westlock U9-1 Chyan Brand 780-222-0283 chyan@ualberta.ca 1  
Westlock U9-2 Lindsay Baier 780-554-4335 linbouchard@gmail.com 2  
Westlock U9-3 Kendall Ducharme 780-307-1744 Kendall.ducharme@gmail.com 3  
Whitecourt Team 1 Lindsay Arthur 780-779-7799 lsierens@hotmail.com 1  
Whitecourt Team 2A Stephanie Mizera 403-869-4725 mizerastephanie@gmail.com 2  
Whitecourt Team 2B Crystal Thomsen 780-778-1610 c.thomsen@live.ca 2 Average  
Whitecourt Team 3B Stacey Woyewoda 780-268-4536 staceywoyewoda@hotmail.com 3  
Whitecourt U9 Team 3A Sasha Stang 780-284-4030 sashastang@hotmail.com 3  



2023-24 League Champions

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